Exclusive Programs

We are the exclusive agent for light public auto programs underwritten by Amalgamated Casualty Insurance Company ("ACIC"), an 80+ year old admitted carrier that is writing business in 13 states across the country. We principally work with a limited number of high-quality specialist producers in each state. We are very selective in the producers that we choose to work with, focusing on those producers that can demonstrate an understanding of the unique aspects of the public auto business and have a track record of profitable production. While we have a solid group of specialist producers around the country, we are always interested in judiciously expanding our distribution network. To learn more, please visit Become a Producer.

Public Auto Programs



We offer a variety of products to cover taxis.



We offer a variety of products to cover sedans.

Miscellaneous Public Auto


We offer a variety of products to cover  miscellaneous public autos.

Program Flyers

Taxis (pdf)


Sedans (pdf)


Miscellaneous Public Autos (pdf)